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Flint Group is dedicated to bringing colour and function to the printing and packaging products that consumers touch, see and use each day.

Today, Flint Group has more to offer than ever before.

We offer an unmatched product portfolio spanning inks, blankets, pressroom chemistry, flexographic plates and sleeves, consumables and colourants. With impressive global resources, local service and personalised expertise, we provide printers, publishers, packaging printers and converters with the most reliable products in the most streamlined fashion.

Customers rely on Flint Group for our ability to deliver exceptional value, unparalleled service, consistent quality and continuous innovation around the world.

Rely on us.

Flint Group Focus:

nyloflex FTF Digital
Flexographic Products nyloflex® FTF Digital - The Easy Way to Flat Top Dots
Inherently flat top plate with special, textured plate surface that eliminates the need for surface screening
Novasens P660 PREMIUM
Packaging and Narrow Web Introducing new Ultraking® XCURA and Ultraking® XCURA LED
Low energy UV curing highly reactive inks and coatings and the next generation of UV LED curing ink technology for Sheetfed offset applications.
Sheetfed Products for Coating
Crossdivisional Sheetfed products for Coating
Flint Group is unique in supplying not only the product to enhance and protect, but also the medium to transfer that coating onto the chosen substrate. Coatings, varnishes, coating plates and coating blankets for sheetfed printing are grouped togehter in one brochure.
Perfect Synergy
Print Media Europe Trusted Brands - Perfect Synergy
Flint Group's high quality portfolio of Inks, Press Room Chemicals and Blankets are designed to work together in Perfect Synergy. The Perfect Synergy portfolio delivers optimum results!
Inks, plastics, coatings
Pigments, Chips & Resins Pigment Portfolio Brochure
Inks, plastics, coatings...

Latest News / Press Releases

  • Flint Group announces the creation of a new Digital printing solutions division and the acquisition of Xeikon
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  • nyloprint® WF-S – Flint Group introduces new letterpress plate with soft layer
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  • Chinese trade shop, Sinwa, decides to go with a nyloflex® NExT exposure
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