From the design to the graphic on the substrate, Flint Group offers a unique package of print solutions, comprising service as well as a broad range of specialised products:

  • Inks for all label and packaging applications
  • Conventional and digital flexo plates
  • Plate making equipment and washout solvents for processing high quality photopolymer plates
  • In-The-Round technology, comprising ITR equipment, ITR sleeves and suitable adapters
  • Printing sleeves and adapters for flexo presses from narrow web to wide web
  • Pressroom chemistry

Flint Group presents unique and comprehensive expertise in flexographic printing

Flexographic printing dates back to the late 1800s. Since then, great progress has been made in the quality of flexographic printing presses, printing plates and printing inks. Innovative developments, like the sleeve and adapter technology, contributed significantly to improve print quality and reduce set-up time, manpower and costs. A quantum leap was achieved in the area of photopolymer printing plates, including advancements to the plate material and the method of plate processing. In parallel, flexographic inks expanded from mainly solvent-based chemistry to include an additional broad range of water-based and UV-curable inks, further enhancing print performance and packaging quality.

Today flexography is the fastest-growing printing process. It offers the advantages of printing on a variety of different materials like film, foil, plastic, paper and board, using a wide range of inks, and printing with high speeds, while realising an appealing quality. Most printers and print buyers have experienced a tremendous growth and technological advancement in various applications of flexographic printing. The main applications are within the packaging industry such as flexible packaging, corrugated, labels, sacks, bags and folding cartons.

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