Mainly used for book-printing in the past, letterpress today covers a wide range of special applications:

  • Label printing
  • Tube, cup and can printing
  • Pad printing
  • Security printing
  • Hot moulding and embossing

Spot-on performance with Flint Group’s letterpress printing solutions

From the design to the graphic on the substrate, Flint Group offers a unique package of print solutions, comprising an unrivalled level of service as well as a broad range of specialised products.

Whether for packaging or forgery-proof markings for high-security documents, it is necessary to use tailor-made solutions that offer the highest possible print quality. Flint Group’s comprehensive product range meets all necessary requirements for today’s varied printing technologies and substrates.

Flint Group’s product range for letterpress includes inks for label printing, plates and suitable plate making equipment as well as pressroom consumables. Whether in a flat, semi-rotary, or rotary press – photopolymer letterpress plates and inks from Flint Group provide spot-on performance.

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