Products and Support to Meet the Demands of Heatset Web Printing

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Whether you print high-end commercial pieces, magazines, inserts, books or more, you face multiple variables and ever-increasing competition. Recycled stock, high-speed presses, pressroom automation and a consolidating customer base are just some of the real challenges in today's heatset printing environment.

Customers First

Flint Group is your dedicated partner. We continually enhance our portfolio in order to expand and improve upon the options we can offer you in the most streamlined way possible. Striving for utmost quality and ultimate reliability, we focus on your needs.

The Flint Group Difference: Inks, Blankets, Chemistry and Consumables

We are a leading manufacturer of inks, blankets and sleeves, fountain solutions, web conditioners, pressroom washes and cleaners, and more.

You can have access to all of it through one Flint Group contact. In addition, technical support experts remain at your service, and scientists in industry-leading laboratories continue to reach for innovations. In addition to helping you optimize each product, our goal is to help you optimize the entire printing process.

Rely on us for ...

More Products You Need. Expert Support You Deserve. And, Peace of Mind.

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