Ink Maker - Elizabethtown

Job Description:

The Ink Maker will produce a variety of chemicals and chemical intermediates by following standard operating procedures as well as come in contact with a variety of chemcials and chemical waste products, some of which could be hazardous. 

They will carry out various tasks in the preparation, reaction and storage of a variety of products using reactors, pumps, filters, hoists, mixers, dryers and other manufacturing equipment.

This position requires batch processing which includes material processing, monitoring and recording data, loading and unloading equipment, cleaning, packaging product and maintaining a safe orderly work area.

The Ink Maker must become thoroughly knowledgeable in the process of producing a quality batch and must be able to troubleshoot any issues that occur during the process.

They will perform safety inspections of equipment as required

They will perform daily housekeeping of the area and all equipment.

They will assist other production areas / employees as needed. 


Qualification and Skills (Skills, Expertise, Training)

- High School Diploma or Equivalent

- 3 Years of successful manufacturing experience

- History of a safe work performance in an industrial setting

- Must have basic math skills.

- Must have good communication skills

- Must be able to execute strenuous, sometimes repetitive work such as lifting, pushing or pulling objects up to 50 pounds.

- Must be able to work independently.

- Must have a good attendance record and maintain