Community & Teamwork

Flint Group’s global footprint means that we have people with various cultural, and ethical backgrounds who have a wide range of styles, skills and ideas. We value the pride our teams and local communities have in working together and encourage our people to engage in actions that make Flint Group a ‘better place to work’.. We encourage employees to not only use their skills and expertise to build team spirit and creativity within our own organisation but also the world around us.

At Flint Group we aim to create an environment where our people and teams are motivated to give their best and enjoy meeting the opportunities and challenges posed by the communities where we live and work...


Flint Group Connect! Plymouth, Michigan - USA

Supporting Employees to Support Communities

Flint Group’s CONNECT project at its facility in Plymouth Michagan, USA features an organising committee of employees with diverse strengths and interests. This group plan numerous workplace activities that encompass wellness, charitable giving and much more. They survey employees, assess company needs, and combine the results to plan a year of rewarding, healthy, educational and interactive events. Everyone has a hand in CONNECT’s success. Both site management and its employees dedicate resources to bringing these activities to fruition. The events are often as fun as they are beneficial, building a stronger community within Flint Group while helping the community beyond...


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UK Toy Drive


Zach Simpson son of John Simpson an employee at Flint Group’s pressroom chemical production site in Manchester, UK recently decided to donate all his birthday presents to the Manchester Mission Christmas appeal – which provides thousands of toys to the region's hardest-hit households at Christmas.

Zach who suffers from muscular dystrophy, told his parents he wanted a birthday party but no presents for himself. On hearing of this gesture fellow employees really got behind the drive contributing presents and toys to the campaign with over 100 people attending his super hero theme birthday bash. As a result of this Zach handed over three sackfuls of gifts for children who would otherwise have gone without at Christmas.



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