Culture & Core Values...


Integrity, Health & Safety

“Throughout all internal and external interactions, we act in a safe, transparent, honest, and ethical way.”

This means that we...

Always put health and safety first as nothing we do is worth getting hurt for

Always comply with the rules, even if nobody’s watching

Do “the right thing” – legally, ethically, and morally

Empower employees to act ethically

Step away from business if it is not being done in the right way


Trust & Respect

“We trust in our people and respect the diversity of individuals.”


This means that we...

Talk to each other in a respectful and appropriate manner

Listen to and are open to other’s ideas

Give attention to people and value their contributions – we praise where appropriate

Are supportive of one another and trust in each other’s abilities

Are honest and open, giving constructive feedback directly to each other


Market Focus

“We listen to what the market wants. We interact with customers and suppliers to provide high quality and effective solutions.”


This means that we...

Listen actively and intently to the market, with the intention of understanding the fundamental drivers

Connect cross-functionally, and engage the full team

Are passionate about meeting customer needs

Are forward thinking and look beyond the here and now

Honour commitments made to our customers



“We are accountable for our own actions and behaviour.”


This means that we...

Clearly communicate responsibilities and authority levels

Delegate to the lowest level possible, and we have confidence in our employees

Take responsibility for our own work to achieve desired results



“By working together, we achieve more.”


This means that we...

Collaborate inside and outside the division to maximise our knowledge, and bring greater value to one another and to our customers

Facilitate, negotiate, build consensus, and empower each other to define and achieve common goals

Promote communication because collaboration requires dialogue

Celebrate shared accomplishments


Creativity & Innovation

“Employees and customers are fountains of new ideas generating better products, solutions, services, and processes. We have an open mindset to new ideas.”


This means that we...

Encourage our people to invest time in creative and innovative thinking

Reach out to the world outside Flint Group: customers, suppliers, universities, and institutes

Try to ask the right questions of ourselves and our customers

Are open to opinions from our colleagues, and allocate time for reflection and brainstorming – both for teams and individuals during meetings and daily work

Are willing to take risks




“We hunger for success.”


This means that we...

Strive for the best, and we are clear about what that means

Take every opportunity to celebrate success

Create goals that align with success defined from the top, and we create meaningful KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for teams and individuals

Make tough decisions when we need to

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