Colouring your journey...


At Flint Group, we believe we can only grow our business as well as we grow our teams and people. We devote the time, resources, and support to help you grow professionally within a global company. It is though important to keep in mind that your self-development can only really be driven by you, with Flint Group’s support.

As our focus on safety and integrity & compliance is of the utmost importance, we offer all our employees a wide range of training in these areas. This is to ensure that everything we do is done in the right, and safe, way.

We also have a global 24/7 accessible online training database hosted by Skillsoft, with an extensive library of courses, books and articles covering a huge breadth of topics.

For employees interested in personal development, we frequently use personal assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and 360 degree feedback reports. We also offer Leadership development, with our Leadership Academy programme run in local languages in several of our larger regions, over a 6-12 month period. Another tailored capability development programme unique to Flint Group is Phoenix, which is our international programme staged over 12-18 months, designed for future leaders and key people within the organisation. This includes active learning through parallel project work, as well as leadership excellence, business excellence and operational excellence modules.

Flint Group also offers coaching, mentoring and most importantly; regular feedback from managers through regular performance/goal discussions. In addition to our local training curriculum, Flint Group’s global curriculum also includes sales training, special project management programmes and negotiation training.