Safety is our priority. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for...

Nina Kacprzak - HSE Manager

Nina Kacprzak - HSE Manager

Safety is our priority...


Our safety vision is to create an injury- and illness-free workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy after each day’s work. At Flint Group, we believe that “no job is worth getting hurt for”.


Flint Group’s policies, standards, programmes and targets we set are important to our safety success. While these move our performance forward, our journey towards a zero-injury culture is strongest when everyone knows that they make a difference and when all employees and contractors have the knowledge, competence and desire to work safely.


Our safety management systems help us integrate our Safety, Health and Environment Management areas. The better we do this, the more successful we will be at making our performance sustainable, both in terms of personal injury elimination and increased competence in process safety management.