Global Innovation Centre

Making it happen!

Making it happen!

Global Innovation Centre - established to support Flint Group's strategy to develop and create solutions for customers in our core business segments

See how our GIC specialists in Malmö are delivering solutions to meet your needs:

Global Technology Hub

Global Innovation Centre for Paper & Board has been established in Malmö, Sweden, to provide our key customers with focus, support and services dedicated to help make their businesses a success.

Flint Group's GIC supports the Technology service module in our XtraMile service concept

Consisting of dedicated Paper & Board specialists, GIC offers excellence in:

  • product development
  • innovations supporting Brand Owner integrity
  • application and key account support
  • print development centre providing training and OEM partnership opportunities

Supporting our customers:

  • offering packaging converters optimised print and conversion solutions as well as continuous improvements is key for our technical team
  • close collaboration with selected proactive raw material suppliers ensuring responsible and sustainable sourcing

Dedicated and independent facility for optimisation of the printing process

This new Global Innovation Centre also offers our customers and co-suppliers an independent facility dedicated to the optimisation of end to end pressroom workflows.

The GIC is the global hub for:

  • innovation
  • development of products, concepts and applications
  • print development workshop
  • promotion and launch material
  • training academy, trouble shooting and technical service
  • bespoke customer projects
  • mileage and optimisation projects
  • co-supplier and OEM projects

The Soma Optima 850 Printing Press - now up and running at our GIC!

The features of our new Soma Optima 850 Press include:

  • 8 printing units
  • central impression drum
  • speed capability: 300m/min
  • substrate capability: 25-240g/m2 (paper)
  • printing width up to 820mm
  • printing repeat length 640mm
  • sleeve technology - for anilox rollers and printing plates
  • automatic cleaning system
  • semi-automatic register setting / control system
  • plate mounting machine

The possibilities are unlimited!

  • Multi colour printing
  • Trapping
  • Screen / vignette and solid printing
  • Overprint varnish and effects
  • Fingerprint
  • Printing variables : Anilox roller, printing plate, tape
  • Mileage
  • Innovations and development
  • Training
  • Trouble shooting
  • Launch material
  • Co-supplier projects
  • Customer events

The GIC Team

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Contact: Anette Lindmark