VIVO Colour Solutions

The right colour. The first time. Every time.

The right colour. The first time. Every time.

Flint Group Narrow Web introduce VIVO Colour Solutions. The Most Accurate, Versatile and Easy to Use Colour Management Solution.

VIVO Colour Solutions is a web-based system. This ink colour formulation search engine and support service is designed to increase the converter’s colour accuracy, press uptime and to reduce substrate and ink waste.

• You save money. A lot of money.
  We know printers that have saved € 100,000 per year.

• You increase your printing capacity.

• On average 2.5 hours more of production
  capacity per day. More capacity with existing presses.

• You reduce your environmental footprint.
  Using ink and substrate just to throw it away is not only costly. It is very  uncool.

• You get consistent results.
  Red is red and it’s the right red. Every time.
  Just what clients want.

• Available 24/7.
  No hardware. No complicated systems. It’s all in the cloud.

• You’re never alone.
  We have local support to guide you.