Sustainability Pillars - Ethical Management

Driving our sustainability strategy through four strategic pillars

As a responsible supplier of printing consumables for the global packaging industry, we have established a sustainability vision: "To support packaging markets with responsibly built products and sustainable solutions designed for circular economies."

We understand that printers and brand owners are looking for guidance on key sustainability topics and we understand that printers in all parts of the world require inks that are safe and compliant to use.

At Flint Group Packaging Inks, we're committed to achieving circularity within the packaging markets through four strategic pillars that are key to successfully achieving the sustainability ambitions.

Our sustainability pillar focusing on Ethical Management

Sustainable Supply Model. Responsible Sourcing.

Setting out a clear framework for global company-wide development, the Ethical Management pillar from our four strategic pillars incorporates a range of audits and standards that we have implemented for both the company and its suppliers to adhere to.

Within the procurement process, we developed a Sustainable Supply Model with the goal to achieve a ‘sustainable supply'. We take pride in doing what is best for our environment and communities by only utilising resources which are dedicated for use in manufacturing - for example, not promoting deforestation.

We do not want to deplete natural resources or exhaust materials which could benefit hungry peoples. Therefore we have implemented Stringent Global Supplier Standards. These standards include:

* Extensive audits and background checks for new suppliers.

* A review of supplier performance and risk assessments.

* Annual audits completed every three years for current suppliers which include 3rd party vendors.


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Flint Group abides by, and is a signatory to, the United Nations Global Compact. By adopting this Compact, we have formulated an effective and efficient auditing process for our suppliers that integrates interests regarding Human Rights, Safe Labour, Environmental Impact, and Anti-corruption efforts. For Flint Group, abiding by these 10 principles is standard business protocol in every region of the world.


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