Sustainability Pillars - Responsibly Built Products

Driving our sustainability strategy with four strategic pillars

As a responsible supplier of printing consumables for the global packaging industry, we have established a sustainability vision: "To support packaging markets with responsibly built products and sustainable solutions designed for circular economies."

We understand that printers and brand owners are looking for guidance on key sustainability topics and we understand that printers in all parts of the world require inks that are safe and compliant to use.

At Flint Group Packaging Inks, we're committed to achieving circularity within the packaging markets through four strategic pillars that are key to successfully achieving the sustainability ambitions.

Our sustainability pillar focusing on Responsibly Built Products

The building blocks of ink formulation, regulatory compliance, and the environmental impact associated with the use of inks.

Our technical teams are actively developing new sustainable ink formulations utilising non-fossil raw material sources. By building products responsibly, we ensure that our products are designed in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements around the world.

Standards and regulations are not the same across all parts of the globe. Flint Group Packaging Inks is dedicated to aligning with a number of external legislations and trade associations. In Europe, we follow the EuPIA exclusions policy in determining which materials we will and will not select for an ink formulation. In North America, we follow both state and local regulations for product design. Globally, we are networking with key associations and pursuing certain memberships when it brings value to our customers.

Our ultimate goal is to Design for the People and Design for the Planet - keeping in mind the well-being of both.

Contact us to discuss how our products support market demands for sustainable packaging, and to learn about the external certifications that are available for special products and business segments.  We would be delighted to share our insights with you!

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