VIVO DigiSystem 2.0 is a unique future concept available now!

Flint Group software translates ink recipes into unique printable values.

The unique benefits of the VIVO DigiSystem 2.0 include:

  • Immediate sharing of accurate print standards

  • Professional and superior presentation of Brand / Design print standards

  • Demonstrates a professional approach to colour management

  • Speed to market and Clear positioning 'We take colour seriously'


VIVO DigiSystem 2.0


VIVO DigiSwatch process flow

VIVO DigiSwatch workflow

To maintain strict consistency of DigiSwatches here’s how it works:

  • Flint Group provides controlled substrates (uncoated, coated, gloss) and colour cartridges

  • The Global Colour Centre service team uses dedicated software to provide online profiling and software updates.

  • The package printer, brand owner or prepress agency prints out the DigiSwatch locally at their site.

"Our mantra, 'We Take Colour Seriously', could not be more fitting. With our dedicated experts, custom built digital systems, and innovative processes, VIVO Colour Solutions and DigiSystem 2.0 are a game changing step in colour communications and will provide an invaluable resource to our customers and global brand owners." says Kim Melander, VP Sales EMEA & Global Strategy for Flint Group.