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Flint Group Pigments, Chips & Resins was created by the merger of respected, long-standing colourant suppliers around the world. As a single organisation, we offer you an enhanced product portfolio, broader geographic reach, and local, reliable support.

Enhanced Product Portfolio:
You can rely on us for dry and flush pigments, dispersions, varnishes, additives, chips and resins. Whether you produce printing inks, plastics, coatings, fertiliser, clothing, balloons, pencils, markers, or other highly specialised products, we give colour to all you do.

Broader Geographic Reach: With sales representation spanning the globe, supported by manufacturing at prime locations worldwide, we can get you the products you need, where and when you need them.

Local, Reliable Support:
Our talented sales and technical teams stay close to our customers and are available for support and consultation when needed. We know that timely, expert help is every bit as important as consistent, high-quality products. Our aim is to provide both on an ongoing basis.

Flint Group Pigments, Chips & Resins serves the inks, coatings, latex, paper, textile, and plastics industries worldwide. We look forward to discussing your unique needs in your specific market.

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