rotec® Eco Bridge

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"I believe this will become a new standard of our industry." (Robert Adler, Flint Group Director of Sales North America)

The rotec® Eco Bridge is a patent-pending, state-of-the-art product for use in flexographic printing presses and on plate-mounting equipment. The rotec® Eco Bridge uses an innovative, totally new way to supply the air for sleeve mounting, and offers huge advantages compared to the historical standard adapter.

Sleeve mounting was never easier

See for yourself in the video:

How it works

The rotec® Eco Bridge's unique breathable metal ring on the operator side distributes the air from the air cylinder more efficiently across the entire circumference of the adapter. This allows the rotec® Eco Bridge to mount sleeves considerably easier and faster than standard adapters, which have only four to eight air stream holes on the operator side.

The rotec® Eco Bridge provides a substantial reduction in press set-up times for increased productivity and meaningful cost savings. In addition, the rotec® Eco Bridge requires as low as 50-70 l/min air volume to mount sleeves. That is a reduction of more than 90 % compared to a standard adapter.

"Mounting is much easier than before. The noise is significantly less than normal, and the best is, we can de-mount the 420 mm Repeat Sleeve with one hand, without effort. Perfect development for our pre-press operation." (First trial customer)

The new system not only provides significant cost savings, but the reduced air volume also equates to much less noise. The rotec® Eco Bridge operates at less than 60 dB. Compared to a standard adapter, which operates at ≥ 85 dB, this is perceived by the human ear as 99% less audible sound. This makes working with the rotec® Eco Bridge more comfortable, and more importantly, improves safety by lowering the risk of hearing loss significantly.

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