Converter Benefits

Productivity & Cost Advantages

Improved uptime – Less press down time to replacing mercury lamps. No wait for lamp warm ups and cool downs.
Reliable and consistent curing allows for faster printing speeds and higher productivity.
Energy Savings – UV LED lamps require ~ 50 - 80% less energy than conventional mercury lamps.
Long Lifetime & Low Maintenance – UV LED lamps last over 20,000 – 50,000 hours -10 x as long as mercury.
Use of heat sensitive/thin films can run without heat management. UV LED lamps does not create much heat.


Performance advantages: Deeper and more reliable curing with LED

The UV LED technology with its high peak irradiance provides a deeper penetrating light source. This enables better through cure and adhesion of thicker films (such as screen printing) and dark and opaque colours (such as blacks and opaque whites). Additionally UV LED cures constant intensity over a long period of time contrary to Mercury lamps which needs to be replaced every 2000 hour. This ensures constant cure which is especially important when printing food packaging where low migration is a concern.


Environmental & Safety Advantages

Removes mercury and no need to deal with hazardous waste disposal of lamps.
No ozone generation – ozone is a respiratory hazard and pollutant.
Safer handling for the printer operators - Lamps are not as hot 
Systems are much quieter, since exhaust blowers are not needed.
Less dangerous to the eyes - UV LED lamps, unlike standard mercury, do not emit harmfull UV - C light.