A complete range of inks, coatings, blankets and chemicals for the in mould label printer!

Flint Group Sheetfed has developed a complete range of inks, coatings, press room chemicals and blankets to bring the highest quality and reliability to this technology

In-mould labelling - the application of labels to containers or bottles during the manufacturing process, places the printed label (paper or foil) inside the moulds or containers before starting the moulding process. This fuses the product with the label and eliminates the need for labelling post production.

In-mould labels provide flexibility to paint pails, nutraceutical containers, and food and beverage manufacturers in terms of printing process and colour selection to enhance the product visibility and brand identification in the market.

Consumers around the world increasingly prefer lightweight and highly attractive packaging, which is expected to drive the growth in this technology, especially in emerging markets like Latin America, China and India.

Suppliers are also increasing their investment in eco-friendly label products and promoting environmental sustainability, with reduced unit cost per label also playing a role in driving the market in this direction.

There are three types of in-mould labelling applications: injection moulding, blow moulding and thermoforming. Each one of these requires the ink used to print the labels to have specific characteristics:


  • High colour strength

  • Good printability/excellent dot sharpness

  • Fast drying speed or fast curing speed

  • Very good adhesion & scratch resistance

  • No curling effect (no shrinkage)

  • Temperature resistant

  • Possible to use in a deep freeze environment

  • Low Migration


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The In Mould Label Range

Conventional Systems

Energy Curing Systems

Conventional Low Migration, BIO inks

GMP-conform and Low Migration series for label printing

Novaset® water-based coatings

High quality, low migration coatings especially for IML applications.

Isega certified founts

Fount Solution - Varn® AF 4000 - 0 - 5% IPA fount – new technology - multiple conventional and energy curing applications.

Isega certified washes


Mixed mode roller and blanket wash.




Combi / mixed mode blanket


UV Curing inks

For food packaging printing in sheetfed offset.

Isega certified founts

Fount Solution  - Varn® Ultra 4100 - 5 – 10% fount - Isega approved traditional UV fountain solution.

Isega certified washes

UV roller and blanket wash.


Baldwin approved powerful UV wash.



EPDM specific UV blanket.