Anti Set-Off Spray Powders for Sheetfed Applications

Flint Group's portfolio of Anti Set-Off Powders includes two series; Coated and Uncoated. Each series incorporates a variety of grades comprising the respected Varn and Russell-Webb brands.

Our Coated powders are micro-encapsulated with a slip agent which enhances the powder, increasing its hydrophobic properties. They repel water and are attracted to the ink’s surface, giving better ‘set-off’ protection and increased mileage.

Coated powders are quite different in their working properties from the Uncoated powders, but both types perform well in all spray units, and because they resist humidity, they will not clog spray nozzles.

We recommend the application of our Uncoated powders for overprinting, coating and laminating.

Uncoated Powders Coated Powders Micron Range Recommended Stock Weight
Varn Regular Fine EN / DE / ES / IT / PL Varn Coated Fine EN / DE / ES / IT / PL 10 - 20 <200 g/m2
Russell-Webb S88-15 (BG) EN Russell-Webb S88-15R EN
Russell-Webb 15S EN Russell-Webb S88-15J semi coated EN
    Varn CC20 (BG) EN / DE / ES / IT / PL 20
Varn Regular Medium EN / DE / ES / IT / PL Varn Coated Medium EN / DE / ES / IT / PL 20 - 30 200 - 400 g/m2
Russell-Webb 20S EN Russell-Webb S88-20R (BG) EN 200 - 300 g/m2
    Russell-Webb S88-20J semi coated EN
    Varn CC30 (BG) EN / DE / ES / IT / PL 30 200 - 400 g/m2
Russell-Webb S88-35 (BG) EN Russell-Webb S88-35R (BG) EN 30 - 40 300 - 400 g/m2
Russell-Webb 35S EN    
Varn Regular Coarse EN / DE / ES / IT / PL Varn Coated Coarse EN / DE / ES / IT / PL 40 - 50 >400 g/m2
Russell-Webb 50S EN Russell-Webb S88-50R (BG) EN 50
    Russell-Webb R88-50 super coated EN

Products marked (BG) comply with the requirements for low-dust print spray powders and are included in the ‘List of Recommended Low-Dust Spray Powders’ of the BG ETEM Branchenverwaltung Druck und Papierverarbeitung.

All Flint Group Anti Set-Off Spray Powders are ISEGA certified for safe use in the printing process of food packaging materials. For further information, please refer to: or contact us to request a certificate.