Conventional Offset Blankets for Sheetfed

Specially designed for high-speed sheetfed packaging printing.

Compressible layer and carcass designed to give high print quality and long life.
Extra ink transfer whilst maintaining sharp halftones and rich solids.
Premium product for superb print quality, and quick release.
Optimum performance and life on a variety of presses and paper combinations.
Specially created for high-performance, high-speed, wide format presses.
Excellent dot reproduction and rich solids, combined with good smash and edge marking resistance.
Extra ink transfer whilst maintaining sharp halftones and dense solids.
General purpose compressible, suitable for most presses.
Additional solvent resistant, reduced swelling and improved release.
An economical and robust blanket for commercial sheetfed and carton printers using conventional inks.
Designed with high quality printing in mind. Extra carcass stability.
The perfect partner for printing blankets on presses needing an underblanket.

ISEGA Certification

Products marked as ISEGA certified are safe for use in the printing process of food packaging materials. For further information, please refer to: or contact us to request a certificate.

Sheetfed Product Guide

Download our product overview containing our complete portfolio for Sheetfed applications; inks, coatings, pressroom chemicals and blankets.

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