Flexible Packaging Inks - Flexo Surface Printing

A general purpose solvent-based ink system for flexo printing of the following applications: frozen foods, bread bags, diaper packaging, t-shirt bags, grocery bags, and feminine hygiene products.

A solvent-based flexographic ink system for primed foil lidding applications. This system does not smoke when heat sealed (400F / 1 second / 60 psi).
A solvent-based flexographic heat resistant surface ink system that provides excellent technical performance and improved gloss. Ideal for the following applications: fin seal, coffee pouches, hot fill can overwraps, and any other applications that require high heat resistance.

FlexiStar™ Confectionery is the next generation of solvent-based packaging inks for the North American confectionery market. These inks provide excellent printability, super adhesion, and resistance properties with and without a cold seal release overprint lacquer.

FlexiTech™ Shrink-U is the next generation of high fidelity flexo shrink inks. It provides the widest color gamut, the widest range of substrate adhesion as well as the peace of mind that comes with zero blocking, flex-crack free, zero ink pick.
PamioStar™ Outdoor is a solvent based ink system for surface printed heavy duty PE bags. It delivers flexo ink technology that exhibits superior adhesion, abrasion, scuff and product resistance with high graphic quality while providing excellent durability to the elements.

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