Flexographic cleaners

Ecological cleaning solutions for flexographic applications

Ecological cleaning solutions for flexographic applications

The Varn Enviroflex product range is a collection of high performance, environmentally friendly, low hazard cleaners specifically formulated for flexographic cleaning applications.

This range of specialist chemistry confirms our commitment to the environment and to ensuring best in class products are at the heart of our portfolio. We are confident that the Varn Enviroflex range will help you to further enhance print quality and improve your process efficiency.

Formulated using safe detergents & cleaning agents for cleaning aqueous based inks and coatings from most pressroom surfaces.

A blend of extremely powerful ink removing solvents specially formulated for the easy removal of solvent based inks & coatings.

A low hazard cleaner which incorporate water miscible characteristics for effective removal of glaze and piling.

A highly concentrated cleaner/degreaser designed for a wide variety of pressroom cleaning applications requiring an aqueous cleaner with extra detergency and grease dissolving power.

A low swell product formulated to incorporate increased solvency with a blend of specialised cleaning agents for the removal of aqueous, solvent and UV inks and coatings from photopolymer printing plates.

An ultrasonic bath additive, recommended by manufacturers. Formulated using powerful, environmentally friendly detergents and low foam surfactant cleaners to give maximum cleaning performance in all ultrasonic baths.

An Ultra Wash with concentrated micro-emulsion roller cleaner for use on and off the machine. Specifically designed for highly effective, deep cleaning of all flexographic inks and coatings from anilox rollers.

A concentrated roller cleaning paste for use on and off the machine. Specifically designed with a viscous, non drip formula to prolong contact with surfaces and facilitate penetrative cleaning of all flexographic inks and coatings from anilox rollers.

A powerful, highly effective cleaner for both one-pack and two-pack glue systems and removal of solvent based adhesives which are widely used throughout the converting, binding and finishing sectors. The product is also suitable for two-pack lamination and cold seal adhesive applications within the flexible packaging industries.

A superior heavy duty cleaner with strong solvency, formulated to effectively remove lacquers, varnishes, resins & UV based ink systems.

Specially formulated for automatic machine cleaning and anilox rollers with aluminium parts.

Designed to give deep penetrative cleaning to both anilox rolls & plates.

Enviroflex Product Application Matrix

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