Silicone Emulsions for Heatset Web Applications

The ability of Flint Group to manufacture our own silicone oils, makes Flint Group unique amongst suppliers of silicone emulsions into the print industry. This capability has enabled Flint Group to create a new type of silicone technology which drastically reduces the amount of silicone emulsion required to provide anti-marking and slip properties - Varn Pro-Web Plus.

This technology results in a silicone film with a lower migration into the paper surface and a higher concentration of a more effective silicone oil at the paper surface where it can provide better and more efficient lubrication.

Silicone Emulsions with Slip Agents

Silicone based emulsions with added wax to provide increased lubricity and gloss on the web. The Varn Pro-Web Plus series are highly economical products; suitable for wide format, high speed presses and for all folder configurations.

Antistatic additive for use with silicone emulsion.

Wax Free Silicone Emulsions

Recommended for applications where reduced slip is desirable; such as sheeting applications or in-line coating.

Antistatic additive for use with silicone emulsion.