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Trusted Brands. Perfect Synergy.

Trusted Brands. Perfect Synergy.

Dependable products and support for the newspaper printer

The newspaper business demands instantaneous performance with guaranteed reliability. Customers have expectations of high-performance quality and colour whilst meeting the challenges that come with recycled substrates in an ever-changing print environment. Flint Group's comprehensive portfolio of coldset printing inks, Day blankets and Varn pressroom chemicals rise to the challenges of performance and timelines.

Flint Group makes the difference

Beyond quality, reliable products, Flint Group’s unrivalled Technical Support Team helps you solve print problems quickly so you can meet your deadline. With an unrivalled expertise in printing technology, the team supports you in resolving issues, providing answers and working with you to promote process efficiencies. This unmatched Technical Support, coupled with our unique portfolio, creates a competitive advantage that ensures your product excels in a competitive arena.

We're here for you!

Contact Flint Group Customer Services for information on any Print Media product or to request a safety data sheet.