Conventional Offset Blankets for Sheetfed

Check the dots on your next print job using the dayGraphica® 3000. They’re rounder with consistently sharp, hard edges. Halftones are crisper, solids are rich and even. The dayGraphica® 3000 transfers everything on the plate. Feedback from printers who use the dayGraphica® 3000 indicate print, contrast and density values hit the target for quality. Plus, you’ll benefit from longer blanket life and greater value with effective smash resistance and reduced fluctuations in ink pick-up.

Uniform gauge and consistency Maximum release characteristics Blanket will achieve precise and even printing pressure across entire printing surface–a key factor in blanket durability Rebounds quickly Effective on evolving waterless systems

The dayGraphica® 3610 is one of the most durable, flexible and versatile blankets. This blanket handles a broad range of printing applications on your most modern or most vintage presses. The unique construction reduces gauge loss and increases durability. The low-stretch carcass provides dimensional stability, while the unique compressible layer makes printing the most difficult jobs easier.

Provides optimal nip pressure that provides excellent print contrast and solid ink densities Uniform gauge thickness and consistency Excellent release characteristics for precise web control Greater gauge stability, providing longer life Excellent smash resistance, rebounds quickly

The dayGraphica® 3700 is your answer to increased productivity in the pressroom. This blanket keeps presses up and running by resisting smashes, on-press damage and piling. Faster make-readies due to precise ink transfer and great we release add to the increased efficiency you get from the 3700. Back all this with the best technical service in the industry and the 3700 means value.

Increased resistance to smashes and on-press damage Uniform gauge thickness and consistency Ideal surface texture for optimum ink transfer Excellent release characteristics for precise web control Excellent smash resistance, rebounds quickly Provides quick release, ease of wash-up and reduces swelling

The 490 Boxer XL has proven performance in today´s challenging pressrooms, including a knockout printing job on heavier board stock.      

The patented printing surface is engineered for easy ink transfer with good, pin-hole free solids and easy wash-up. Plus, it will give you maximum sheet release and resists edge cutting from heavier board stock. So, be sure it´s an even match the next time you´re in the ring with a heavyweight -try the dayGraphica 490
Boxer XL.

Ground surface Enhanced compressible layer High density long-life carcass Compatible rubber surface

HDST is the ideal blanket for high usage applications and where controlling costs are a major factor. High solvent resistance and smooth surface finish ensure high quality reproduction across a wide range of substrates.

The thicker compressible layer ensures uniform print pressure in a wide range of press configurations and across all format sizes. Good smash recovery from paper and board damage further enhances this product’s value for money status.

High quality carcass Closed cell compressible layer Ground surface

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