Founts for News Print


Digital Washout solvents Label printing Tubes, cups and cans printing Security printing Pad printing
Varn Majesta Edge XL   A  
Varn Newsline Green   N  
Varn Newsline 170N   N  
Varn Newsline 222   N    
Varn Newsline 355 N    
Varn Newsline 388
Varn Newsline 146MA    MA    
Varn Newsline 292MA   MA      
Varn Newsline 440    MA    
Varn Newsline 435 MA      
Varn Newsline 435NT & 435NT Turbo MA  
Varn Newsline 550NT & 550NT Turbo   MA  
Varn Newsline UV   MA  
Varn Newsline UV 2.0   MA  
Varn Newsline 468
Spray Bar Dampening System
Varn Newsline 468LF
Varn Newsline 470 Turbo   MA    
Varn Supreme CERT 762 MA  
Varn Supreme CERT 788 MA
N = Neutral                     
A = Acid                    
MA = Mild Acid      

FOGRA/OEM Approved: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-approved in accordance with Fogra corrosion and elastomer swell testing criteria. See listing on        

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Even at very low doses, each is versatile enough to use with UV, hybrid, HUV and conventional, applications.
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Varn's Newsline fountain solutions are strong performers with all coldset inks but are fully optimized when used with Flint Group's Arrowlith news inks and dayGraphica blankets.



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