Packaging Energy Curable Inks for Sheetfed

UltraCURA™ Bond is the innovative UV curing adhesive solution for maximizing the performance and aesthetics of the Cold Foil process. UltraCURA™ Bond meets the customer demands for fast cure and clean, sharp lines and edges of the foil areas. UltraCURA™ Bond also provides exceptional lithographic performance for ease of use and smooth lay resulting in the highest brilliance with the foil. UltraCURA™ Bond is available in toned, untoned and low migration versions.

Introducing XCURA EVO - the next generation energy curing process series for UV LED and Low Energy!

...using Flint Group's optimized inks and founts. For example, pair our energy curable inks with Varn Supreme 8168 fountain solution. Then complete the package with our UV blankets.

Meet your sustainability goals. Many of Flint Group's energy curable inks are Soy-Seal compliant.