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Introducing XCURA EVO - the new generation UV LED and Low energy Sheetfed Process Ink from Flint Group

Introducing XCURA EVO - the new generation UV LED and Low energy Sheetfed Process Ink from Flint Group

Next generation Energy Curing process series for UV LED and Low energy


We are pleased to announce the introduction of our remarkable new Energy Curing process series XCURA EVO. The suffix “EVO” stands for evolution, as this series is a true step change in formulation, stability and quality.


XCURA EVO has been formulated based on Flint Group’s new platform technology for Energy Curing sheetfed products, utilising a common resin backbone across all Energy Curing ranges where possible, and is specially designed to give the highest possible, consistent UV LED / Low energy performance. Special attention has been given to product rheology, user handling, stability, gloss levels, damper build-up and efficiency.


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We have drawn on our known performance successes in the market and created the unique formulating principle we call “Platform Technology”. We then evaluated, adapted and recreated those successes in our new products, which now deliver the highest levels of  consistency, quality and customer efficiency across our energy curing portfolio.”

Trevor Amps, Global Product Management Director for Energy Curing inks, Packaging & Narrow Web

The main benefits of XCURA EVO:

  • Improved duct flow properties with and without agitators

  • Low damper build-up

  • Low waste and improved make ready performance

  • Quicker speed to flat line control

  • Excellent transfer properties

  • ISO i2647-2 compliance

  • Improved gloss

  • No yellow dirtying effect

XCURA EVO Technical Datasheet

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The main advantages of the new technology can be summarised as:

ECONOMICAL – Energy consumption will be significantly reduced; quality assuredness brings increased productivity and press uptime; reduced work-in-progress, expanded capability to run heat sensitive materials with less heat management costs.

ECOLOGICAL – Energy will be saved; new technology systems do not produce ozone (improved worker and environment safety).


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