Fountain Solutions for Sheetfed Printing


Digital Washout solvents Label printing Tubes, cups and cans printing Security printing Pad printing
Varn Supreme BIO    A  
Varn Supreme RSN 809     A  
Varn Supreme RSN 818   A  
Varn Supreme 8168    A
Varn Supreme 7086   A    
Varn Supreme 6038   A    
Pantheon Optima   A  
Varn Supreme CA 1010   A  
Varn Supreme CA 550 & 550 CERT MA
Varn Supreme 8100    MA
Varn Supreme CERT 788 MA
Varn Supreme CERT 762 MA  

Alcohol and Alcohol Substitutes

Varn Absolute 6036 Alcohol Sub.           
Varn Absolute 6300 Alcohol Sub.          
Varn Absolute CA 2020        
Varn PAR          
Varn Isopropyl Alcohol          
N = Neutral                      
A = Acid                          
MA = Mild Acid               

FOGRA/OEM Approved: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-approved in accordance with Fogra corrosion and elastomer swell testing criteria. See listing on


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Perfect Synergy


Optimize your print runs by pairing Varn® products with dayGraphica blankets and K+E® or Arrowstar inks.


Even at very low doses, each is versatile enough to use with UV, hybrid, HUV and conventional, applications.
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