30 minutes is all it takes to save a life...

Blood is a life-giving fluid – one unit can save three lives. That is why donating blood for the sick and the wounded is a noble act, and at the same time it gives extraordinary satisfaction.

Blood donations in Poland

Envision, a CSR group from Poland, organises every year honorary blood donations. Before every event they organise a promotional campaign among local Flint Group employees which contains all the necessary information for those who want to donate blood.

Usually one of the conference rooms is transformed into a professional blood donation room. Last year was quite unique – a special bus from the Regional Blood Donation and Blood Care Centre in Łódź came to our site ready to welcome donors in safe and sterile conditions. Before each donation of this invaluable fluid happens, a detailed interview is conducted concerning the state of health, past diseases, operations or travel of the individual. A small blood sample is also taken and tested on the spot - all to make sure that the donor can donate healthy blood.

Every year, a group of Flint employees gets involved and commits to give blood. They say that doing this with their colleagues gives them extra courage and the knowledge that someone’s life is being saved is priceless. We are glad to be able to support and promote the selfless attitude of our committed employees.


Blood donations in Sweden

In Trelleborg, our employees were encouraged to take the time off from work (for free of course) to either donate blood or register to become a blood donor. About 25-30 people visited the bus, which was very good for the few hours it was here. Given the high interest this will be a recurring event at our site.


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