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Fundación Domingo Savio - Flint Group Chile

In the true spirit of the occasion, our Chilean and Peruvian teams both worked hard to bring Christmas cheer to children in need these holidays.

In Chile, Flint Group organised an afternoon out for 30 children from the Fundación Domingo Savio. This organisation works with at-risk children and youth from low-resource neighbourhoods in Santiago, by providing them with a safe and positive environment to spend their free time, enabling the parents to go to work to provide income for the family. The alternative for these kids is being at home alone or out on the streets, therefore putting them at high risk of drug addiction and crime. Working together, Flint Group’s Latin American regional office and its plant in Chile put an event on at our facility, where they invited the children from the Fundación for an afternoon together in the sun with a bouncy castle, table tennis and many other fun activities and treats, including a visit from Santa Claus, who arrived on a motorbike with antlers!

In Peru, a group of 20 employees from our Flint Group plant dedicated one of their Saturdays to travel to the San Juan de Lurigancho district, within Lima. This district is one of the most densely populated in Peru, with over a million habitants, and includes many slums and extensive urban poverty. Flint Group’s team helped support activities for over 200 children, including clowns, dancers and a Christmas show. All the children received toys, treats and helium balloons. A raffle was also organized for 15 Christmas hampers, containing groceries and household goods, and also 12 panettones (Christmas fruit bread).


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