For the last 20 years, Xeikon has always been at the forefront of programmes to ensure graphic paper is reused as much as possible, as we do not have enough trees to address the need for paper in world.

Collecting paper is one thing, making it white again for reuse in magazines, sanitary tissues, office paper, is another thing. Therefore marking particles (offset ink, toner) should be easily removed from the paper fiber. Xeikon guarantees, in contrast to a lot of other digital printing technologies such as liquid toner, many water-based and UV inkjet systems, that all our paper prints are 100 % recyclable and deinkable; this also applies to our latest high performance toner systems recently brought to market. Furthermore, last year we started initial tests to check if plastic material printed with our packaging toner systems could be deinked to obtain transparent or white polymeric material in order to make it possible to reuse these plastics again in a pure form. The tests have shown this was possible and have also opened new recycling opportunities for this printed matter as well!



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Flint Group 2020 Sustainability Report


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