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Promoting the use of environmentally favourable products in China

China’s Environmental Labelling Programme encourages companies to enhance their focus on eco-friendly products and processes and helps to increase the public’s awareness of environmentally responsible products.

Over the last five years, Flint Group has worked with the Environmental Labelling Programme to certify more than 85 offset inks and 192 narrow web and liquid packaging inks manufactured in China. This achievement has far-reaching significance to Flint Group’s customers – many of whom are also working to obtain certification – as well as consumers and the environment at large.

When printers see the Environmental Labelling Programme logo on Flint Group products, they can rest assured that the inks will live up to their quality demands while also complying with environmental requirements for production, use and disposal. This is just one more way that Flint Group brings value to our customers.

China is not alone in its efforts to identify environmentally responsible inks. The United States’ Bio-Renewable Content labelling programme, run by The National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers and Canada’s Eco-Logo™ programme are similar in nature. With the two North American programmes combined, nearly sixty Flint Group printing inks have been certified.


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