Hand Sanitiser from Offset Solutions


With hand sanitisers in short supply, at the time of writing and much needed to help protect individuals in the fight against Coronavirus, Offset Solutions happily switched over some of its solvent production capacity at the Irlam Pressroom Chemical factory to the manufacture of hand sanitiser.

Having never manufactured hand sanitiser before, we were satisfied that in April 2020 we were able to manufacture our first batch according to the World Health Organisation approved formula.

In addition to complementing our Pressroom Chemical product range and enabling us to pursue potential new sales markets, our aim is to donate further product to support local Care Homes and Schools in the coming weeks.

It’s thanks to the teamwork and efforts of employees from across Flint Group, with Regulatory advice, materials, packaging and labels, that we have been able to scale up production of the hand sanitiser from laboratory trials to factory production in a short time and in response to the Covid19 pandemic.

With stringent health and safety requirements around the use of Ethanol and Isopropyl Alcohol (the main ingredients used in hand sanitizer), our Irlam factory was well-placed to start producing supplies quickly, as alcohol is already used in some of the products manufactured at the site.

In order to ensure we could make an effective, compliant product, and to identify any potential issues, we made a small trial batch in our on-site pilot plant. Colleagues from across our business were called on to advise on all aspects of producing the hand sanitiser from hygiene regulations, to quality control, to transport safety etc.

In time we intend to scale up production of hand sanitiser to also help Flint Group employees, local communities and individuals stay protected against the virus.


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