Planting Day at Flint Group


Intense summer heat waves can not only be very disruptive to our everyday activities but also have consequences to economy and most importantly to environment.

Researchers from organisations like the UN are raising the alarm. It has been proven that global urbanisation is causing temperature differences between cities and non-urban areas, that may range from as much as 3 to 10 degrees.

And while urban sprawl is taking over our employees from Poland took a stand against it and decided to green-up the city environment. Literally...

Our employees along with local councillor organised planting of 300 various plants in the center of the city and turned empty, unused ground into green, living square

Planting greenery in urban areas has a positive impact on both our environment and the wellbeing of citizens, so we should opt for less concrete and more plants.

Watch the video and see the results of this initiative!




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