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Promoting health, safety, the environment and well-being at work...


Every two years, the French site of Clermont de l'Oise holds a one week workshops to raise awareness of safety, health, the environment and well-being at work. The objective is to approach safety from a different angle, to deliver and communicate key messages in a an interesting format. It also provides the opportunity to exchange ideas, engage staff and raise awareness of safety and security at the site.


This year’s Safety Week proposed 8 different topics to employees who were able to select 3 of the 2 hour modules. This ensured maximum participation by all of Clermont employees, be they administrative staff, operations or travelling people.


Employees were given opportunity to participate in a conference on Psychosocial Risk Prevention, discover sophrology (health & wellbeing), and learn more about verbal or non-verbal communication, office posture, gestures and postures.


Medical staff managed courses focusing on cardiovascular risks and diet. The HSE department had prepared an “errors workshop” within the warehouse, and finally a workshop on road hazards with a rolling car simulator and a driving simulator provided by the regional safety agency.


A total of 126 participants participated in 1 or more workshops, representing 287 hours of training or awareness.


Exhibition stands were set up in the site restaurant presenting all of our products in order to highlight the various product ranges including inks, chips and the printing techniques as well as the end products generated through the use of Flint Group’s products.  



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