Purchasing Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

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Code of Conduct

Flint Group is committed to conducting its business, including its partnerships with suppliers, in compliance with the highest ethical and legal standards. Flint Group strongly believes that sound ethical business practices are critical to building a strong and sustainable business. Flint Group’s aim is to ensure that the integrity and honesty of Flint Group, its officers, employees, and business partners is never in question. We are confident you share these goals and that you will accordingly join us in supporting the Flint Group integrity and compliance initiatives described below.


Specifically, Flint Group recently embarked on a company-wide initiative to enhance our compliance program.
This initiative included updating and strengthening our Code of Conduct.

An important part of this initiative is including all of the suppliers with which Flint Group does business in the compliance process. Therefore, as a condition of continuing to do business with Flint Group and its subsidiary companies, we are requiring that all Flint Group’s suppliers certify on a periodic basis their full compliance with the principles and specific requirements set forth in the Code.