FAQs – Onboarding

A: As the world’s largest web-based trading community, Ariba Network connects leading global organizations with their trading partners and provides a broad-based platform for all key business collaboration needs. It supports everything from trading partner discovery and e-procurement to e-invoicing and working capital management, allowing participants to buy, sell, and manage cash rapidly and effectively. Ariba Network delivers unparalleled ROI, reach, flexibility, and value to both buyers and suppliers, helping to make business commerce as easy as consumer commerce. Today, more than 3.4 million companies – including more than half of the Global 2000 – use Ariba Network to streamline and automate their collaborative business processes.

A: The Flint Group wishes to move away from conducting commerce via hard copy and manually transmitted purchase orders, change orders, advance ship notices, invoices, and more. The Flint Group has selected the Ariba network as the preferred platform for sending documents such as these.

A: Ariba Network is web-based, therefore all you required to access the platform is a regular Internet connection and a web browser.

A: Ariba and The Flint Group are contacting suppliers in phases during the rollout and will send you a Project Notification Letter when it is time to convert to the new process. This letter will explain how to register on the Ariba Network and the steps to take to create your account. The following tutorial will take you through the registration process, if required:

A: The Ariba light account is completely free. Suppliers can choose, but are not required, to opt for the full account and add further value-added, fee-based services. If you would like to receive more information on this, please contact Ariba directly or click here for more information.

A: If you have an existing Ariba account, please share your Ariba Network identification (ANID) with ariba.supplier@flintgrp.com.

A: An Ariba Network Identification (ANID) number is a unique identifier of an Ariba Network account. To find your ANID, log into your Ariba Network account – www.supplier.ariba.com – using your username and password. Your ANID is located in the upper right corner of the screen, directly below your company name.

A: The Ariba Network uses Secure Hypertex Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) for all communication between procurement applications, suppliers, and the Ariba Network. HTTPS is the standard for secure Internet communication and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with RSA Labs encryption. Additionally, accounts on the Ariba Network are password protected.

A: The Flint Group is committed to the success of this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as seamless for suppliers as possible. Suppliers that are asked to participate are considered strategic for on-going business of the Flint Group and are thus expected to support this process change as a requirement for continuing our relationship.

FAQs – Working on Ariba

If you forget your Ariba Network username or password, click the following link as needed to recover your username or reset your password:

Forgot username

Forgot password

You can also call Ariba Support for assistance at 1-866-218-2155 (non-US Ariba Support numbers are available here).

A: The Ariba Supplier mobile app allows you to monitor your purchase order and invoice activities with your customers on Ariba Network and gives you quick access to documents that require action. Flexible date ranges and configurable customer sets enable you to view only the information you want to see. You can confirm entire purchase orders from anywhere via your mobile device or “pin” important invoices and purchase orders so you can access them quickly when you return to Ariba Network on your desktop.

In-app alerts and notifications keep you informed of status changes to key transaction documents, so you know instantly when a purchase order is changed, canceled, or fails, and when invoices are approved, rejected, or paid.

A: For Apple iOS devices, navigate to the Apple App Store to download and install the Ariba Supplier mobile app. For Android devices, navigate to the Google Play Store to download and install the Ariba Supplier mobile app.

For further questions

If you would like to find out more about ARIBA or have specific questions, click here: Ariba Supplier Information

For any specific questions that relate to your partnership with us, the Flint Group, please reach out to your lead buyer in the region, or to your Supplier Enablement Agent via email: ariba.supplier@flintgrp.com