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Flint Group Publication Inks Europe announces Oil Surcharge

  • A surcharge of 0,20 EUR/kg is introduced with immediate effect.
  • It affects the complete product portfolio for Heatset process inks.

Frankfurt, (14 July 2008) - Today, Flint Group Publication Europe announced an oil surcharge on all Heatset process inks with immediate effect. This surcharge has become necessary due to the doubling of crude oil prices within the last 12 months. Experts see no sign of alleviation and expect further considerable increase in the coming months.

This rise affects the Heatset ink segment in particular as offset oil, one of the main raw materials, is derived from crude oil. Also, vegetable oils are affected by a sharp increase and therefore do not offer a cost-effective alternative.

'In such exceptional circumstances, it is essential that we as a market leader take responsible actions which ensure on the long-term the reliable supply of our high-quality products. Due to the globally tight supply on the raw material markets it is crucial that we secure our supply chain', says Wolfgang Blumschein, Vice President & General Manager Flint Group Publication Europe, explaining the reasons for introducing the oil surcharge. He summarizes: 'This surcharge is an essential part of that process along with our intensified rationalization measures and our programs for increasing productivity. We highly appreciate our customers' loyalty and understanding of this situation and assure them that we will continuously offer superior products and services according to their individual needs.'

This press release follows an earlier announcement from Flint Group Europe in June 2008 stating price increases of up to 20% for printing inks.

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