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Increased Duco Converting Service (DCS) capacity

DCS are pleased to announce that as of week commencing 25th August, we will be running a 3 manpermanent night shift. This additional shift has been put in place with the aim of achieving the highservice and quality levels the business requires, and also coping with any future growth, whether thatbe new customers, new products or increased volume from existing customers.

In addition to the increased capacity, we can also report that we have made significant investment toour already impressive converting equipment. August saw the installation of a state of the art EdgeSkiver,which precisely slices off a thin layer of the blanket surface, usually removing the surface rubberright down to the compressible layer. This new machine opens up great opportunities for DCS andmeans we can achieve more accurate skive depths with no adverse effects on blanket quality. It willoffer further benefits by allowing more flexibility in the blanket grip edge (usually in heatsealed barapplications), and by reducing the overall thickness of a fitted bar. All commercial web pressmanufacturers are trying to reduce the non-printing blanket gap, especially in the direct mail, businessforms and commercial heatset market sectors. Reducing the thickness of the blanket that enters thelockup helps achieve this, and so indirectly contributes to increased print length and potential papersavings. Accuracy is critical, the new Edge Skiver enables us to match press specifications exactly.

Further improvement to the DCS site will be complete with the acquisition of a new laminator which willbe in place by late October. An increasing number of offset applications require self adhesive blankets,such as 2 piece drink and aerosol can, plastic pot, credit card and CD printing; and UV and water basedcoatings. The laminator will give us the ability to heat bond adhesive tapes to the fabric side of blanketssuch as the dayGraphica X-Treme, Eclipse and Matrix, which are currently backed at Day'sfacility inCoignieres - France. This investment ensures we are better placed to react quickly to customerdemand, improve delivery times and extend our product application range. Similarly, the new DucoMetal 4 products; TR Turquoise and UV blankets which are also currently backed at Coignieres will bebacked at DCS giving greater control over service.

22 August 2008

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