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Suzhou Advance Printing Co. Ltd. (Suzhou, China) has installed the superior nyloprint® plate making system from Flint Group Flexographic Products

To further upgrade their established letterpress plate making workflow and the quality of label printing, Suzhou Advance Printing Co., Ltd. (Suzhou, China), a well-known label printer, made the decision to install the superior plate making equipment nyloprint® Combination CW 35×50 from Flint Group Flexographic Products. The compact all-in-one plate making system includes exposure, washout and drying and is suitable for plate sizes up to 350 mm x 500 mm.

This medium size equipment provides significant advantages due to the washout unit with a proven plush' pad and a self adjusting, oscillating plate holder for gentle and even washout results, the strong and even UV light in the exposure unit and last but not least the dryer, which is capable of keeping an even inner temperature. As the drying unit is isolated from the exposure unit, exposing is not affected by the high temperature of the dryer.

The new equipment was installed and commissioned in May 2009. Suzhou Advance Printing objective is to realise a standardised letterpress plate making workflow, which highly improves the plate making quality and results in better label printing. The purchase of nyloprint® Combination CW 35×50 also represents Suzhou Advance's mission of pursuing advanced label printing technologies and their commitment to top-quality in label printing.

6 July 2009

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