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New and unique: nyloflex® FSC Digital

The softest solid flexo plate for corrugated postprint

With the introduction of the new nyloflex® FSC Digital, Flint Group Flexographic Products offers a novel printing plate to the corrugated converting industry, which can contribute to lowering the total cost of ownership while increasing quality due to the unique low plate hardness of only 26 Shore A and finally making work life easier.
nyloflex® FSC Digital
Particularly in the corrugated market the trend towards low cost liners has become accepted, this has resulted in special print requirements in order to obtain the high quality demanded by brand owners.

To print corrugated transit packaging, generally printing plates with a very low hardness are required to achieve sufficient ink transfer – previously this has only been possible with liquid plates. This meant that both the printer and the converter had to abstain from many advantages of a solid plate, such as the very low manufacturing tolerances.

With the new nyloflex® FSC Digital the benefits of both plate types are combined. Due to the low plate hardness (26 Shore A), which is unique in the solid plate segment, printing on challenging liners is possible without problems. At the same time an outstanding print quality can be achieved, since nyloflex® FSC Digital ensures excellent area coverage and a very good ink transfer, especially in solid areas but also with line work this novel solid plate shows its strength. As the plate can also be used for halftone printing, it is suitable for a broad area of applications.

The new nyloflex® FSC Digital offers further advantages because of digital processing, i.e. a better and reproducible print quality and additionally, due to the digital workflow a higher productivity and reliability. Like other solid plates the nyloflex® FSC Digital guarantees easy handling and fast processing. The new plate features very high print-run stability and therefore exceptionally good durability. As a result the plate offers a long lifetime to ensure the total overall costs are less. Flint Group Flexographic Products offers nyloflex® FSC Digital with plate thicknesses of 3.18 mm, 3.94 mm, 4.70 mm and 5.50 mm.

9 July 2009

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