0750 Yataili

Yataili Reproduction & Plate-making (Shenzhen, China) has installed the superior nyloflex® plate making system from Flint Group Flexographic Products

Despite the world economic crisis and slowdown of China's economical growth, Yataili Reproduction & Plate-making has recently committed to put into place a strategy which is aimed at outperforming the current market trend. In June 2009, Yataili set up a new plant in Shezhen, South China and installed the superior nyloflex® plate making equipment from Flint Group Flexographic Products: nyloflex® Flowline Washer FIII along with the nyloflex® Combi Exposure FIII, which combines exposure, drying, post-exposure and light finishing.

Historically, Yataili have purchased plate making equipment from local manufactures, but for the new plant in Shenzhen, they have taken the decision to acquire first class equipment from Germany. Mr. Li Tian, General Manager of Yataili stated: 'In this fully competitive market environment, the strategy of differentiation through quality is to be the basis for our company's future developments. The plate making equipment from Flint Group Flexographic Products has a good reputation to provide this high quality, together with the reliable support and service from their technical team in China, we decided to choose these superior flexo plate making units from Flint Group.'

Mr. Magenta Zheng, Marketing Manager of Flint Group Flexographic Products (Shanghai) confirms: 'Through our constant added-value service and support to our Chinese clients, our equipment is becoming more and more popular in the market comparable to our plates. It is an honour to us to become the first choice company to realise the quality differentiation strategy of our customers. And we are proud to be their partner for joint developments.'