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Plymouth, MI USA (July 30, 2009) - Since acquiring Day International, Flint Group has reorganized its business and significantly expanded its portfolio. Recently, the new Flint Group shared details about its Print Media North America division, specifically how it serves customers and the innovations it brings to market.

One Contact, More Products
Print Media North America combines offset and publication gravure technologies into one business unit to better meet market demands.

The new division offers products for nearly all pressroom needs: printing inks; Day® offset blankets, converting services and sleeves; Varn® pressroom chemistry; other pressroom consumables; and more.

The impact is significant. Customers simplify their process by depending on just one sales contact for all products in the portfolio. At the same time, printers enjoy access to Flint Group's specialized technical experts. Customers also benefit from Flint Group's continued customer focus and innovation.

Bill Miller, president, Flint Group Americas, notes that strategy and luck came together. 'We made the strategic decision to merge with Day International, expand our portfolio and restructure before the economy reached unprecedented lows. Our goal was to streamline customers' processes - and this is what makes us so unique - by offering one dedicated contact to represent all the product lines.' Mr. Miller continues, 'We were fortunate to have this in place as the economy spiraled downward. It has been a cost-effective business structure as well as a convenience for customers'

Offset Product Highlights
In addition to peace of mind, Flint Group offers customers continued focus on innovations. Says Doug Labertew, Vice President, Product Management & Strategy, Print Media North America, Our technical experts continue to offer product evolutions that improve a variety of factors, from the print process to on-press performance to our customers' cost to serve. They've also been focusing on enhancing the environmental friendliness of products we bring to market.

Some recent innovations include:

Pressroom Chemistry

Apollo Web Conditioner: Highly-engineered silicone replacement for web applications. 

  • Maximizes lubrication at lower solids and lower dosages compared to traditional silicones.
  • Apollo WC 830: Premium web conditioner for high quality, high speeds and high hold-out stocks. Ideal for commercial, magazine and catalog applications.
  • Apollo WC 930: General-purpose web conditioner that covers a wide range of substrates. Ideal for the retail/insert market.

Majesta Fountain Solutions, such as Majesta 708, for heatset web applications with continuous dampening systems: Premium heatset fountain solution offers improved non-piling performance characteristics, even on high-speed presses producing high-end commercial work.

Varn® Ecolo-Wash 101 and 201: Ultra-low VOC washes offer performance and environmental benefits for sheetfed, heatset and news applications.

Printing Inks

NEW GENERATION Performance and Performance Plus News Inks: Low-mist ink series for all news applications. Developed for new high-speed, triple-wide presses, the inks yield extraordinary results on presses of every age. 

  • Improved ink mileage
  • Excellent transfer and holdout; ideal for lightweight newsprint
  • Low mist; reduces pressroom maintenance and waste

ARROWSTAR™ Hard Surface Sheetfed Inks: Designed for printing on the widest range of non-porous substrates 

  • Substrates include: Lenticular, Poly-art, In-mold label, Label lyte, Polypropylene, Styrene, PVC and numerous metalized substrates
  • Excellent drying and film-forming characteristics
  • Made from renewable vegetable oils: environmentally responsible and with extremely low VOC levels (<5%)

ARROWEB™ 4900: Soy Seal compliant, high-performance commercial heatset ink series designed for wide water latitude, excellent rub resistance and low misting properties. 

  • Performs well with numerous substrates, presses and dampening controls
  • Enables quick color start-ups
  • Offers excellent gloss, dot fidelity, trapping and gray balance
  • Resistant to blocking

Transfer Media

dayGraphica t3000 Offset Printing Sleeve: a 96-page offset printing sleeve for the world's largest offset printing press, the Goss S5000.

  • Just over 115', the sleeve is capable of printing a web width of 112'
  • Utilizes the latest technology in offset printing sleeves, including a fiberglass composite base and enhanced compressible layer
  • Built on Flint Group's Sleeve Nip Gain (SNG) system technology for optimized web control.

More is on the horizon. Flint Group's teams are working together to offer even more innovations and benefits for customers. Stay tuned!

For more information, contact:

Flint Group
Kim StoneT +1 734 781 4690