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Flint Group announces the launch of its next generation of heatset inks - PremoKing

With the ongoing and accelerating change in demand from heatset print houses, where print efficiency, higher quality and lower cost business models are essential to the development and viability of the sector, Flint Group Print Media Europe announces its next generation of heatset inks that deliver on all the above criteria - PremoKing.

PremoKing will see its full European launch in September 2009, and is the result of months of development work on an advanced varnish system which offers a wider water window, less piling and therefore significantly extended wash cycles. This makes life easier for the press minders and creates improved pressroom efficiencies.

In launching PremoKing, Flint Group clearly addresses the developing needs of its customers in the publication sector, as heatset printing becomes a more industrialised process. Nowadays reduction of Total Cost of Ownership is a vital driving force and the challenge faced by printers of delivering higher and higher quality whilst improving cost efficiencies, is a challenge that Flint Group faces together with its customers. This is why Flint spent months in development work with their raw material suppliers to evaluate and develop robust ingredients that can stand up to these exacting demands. The result is PremoKing, a product range that reaches ink water balance faster, producing less paper waste and delivers more uninterrupted press revolutions than ever before.

Rigorous market trials in 11 countries on 12 different press types prior to launch have given very positive results in all of the parameters that were evaluated; ink water balance, feed back into the fount system, piling, wash cycles, misting and general printability. From Poland to Spain printers and Flint Group technicians alike have been impressed by the overall improvements that PremoKing offers.

The range includes a high tack version for high quality work, a Super Calendared version and a low tack standard version for uncoated and newsprint substrates, as well as a wide range of specials: for example UV overprintable and high-rub versions.

Manufactured in s'Gravenzande, The Netherlands and in Frankfurt Germany, PremoKing will replace Flint Group's heatset product Premoterm which will no longer be available from September 1st 2009.

4 September 2009

For more information, contact:

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