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NEW - rotec® Premium Sleeve for the Highest Print Performance

At this years flexo fair Proflex in Stuttgart, Germany, the rotec® Premium Sleeve from Flint Group Flexographic Products was presented for the first time and raised a lot of attention. It offers maximum dimensional stability overtime to cope with special printing requirements as well as unique upgrades to meet individual needs.
Higher print speeds, standardised ink systems, weight restrictions or continuous strive for higher print quality – this and further factors have lead to an increasing demand for sleeves with an even more advanced quality. Subsequently for certain applications sleeves are required, where the outer diameter or ‘runout’ are not altering overtime and therefore an exact register accuracy and constant parallelism during printing can be counted on.

The rotec® Premium Sleeve meets this requirement perfectly due to its special construction. This new printing sleeve is characterised by minimal tolerances for the diameter and for the runout. Even after a long and extensive use of the rotec® Premium Sleeve, the printer can still rely on a constant register accuracy and a continuous print quality. By selecting special premium upgrades according to customer’s needs, distinctive features can be added to further enhance performance. The rotec® Premium Sleeve is not only available in the proven conductive version or with a stainless steel register ring but it can also be ordered with the exclusive rotec® Low Weight Design. The rotec® Low Weight Design is particular interesting as it reduces the sleeve weight by up to 30 % compared to a standard sleeve, depending on wall thickness and length, while still offering the excellent features of the rotec® Premium Sleeve. Weight restrictions that can be hard to comply with particularly for larger sleeve dimensions, can now be managed easily and efficiently with the rotec® Premium Low Weight Sleeve.

Another highlight is the rotec® End Seal, where both sleeve ends are sealed with a premium PU layer to make them not only resistant against solvents and moisture, preventing the possibility of swelling but also protects them from damages and simplifies cleaning techniques. Finally the outstanding appearance of the rotec® Premium Sleeves with End Seal is also very impressive.

The rotec® Premium Sleeve is manufactured in Germany. It can now be ordered with the optional upgrades of rotec® omega-surface technology (conductivity), rotec® Register Ring and rotec® Low Weight Design. The rotec® End Seal is expected to be available early 2010.
The rotec® Premium Sleeve raised a lot of attention at this years Proflex in Germany
6 October 2009

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