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Newspaper Fountain Solutions Round Out Flint Group’s Product Portfolio

  • Mild Acid and Neutral Founts Meet Common Pressroom Needs
  • Products Are Highly Compatible with Flint Group’s Arrowlith™ News Inks

Plymouth, MI USA (November 4, 2009) – Two fountain solutions from Flint Group serve common newspaper and coldset printer needs while offering an added benefit: they have been designed for optimal compatibility with Flint Group’s Arrowlith news inks. One-stop shopping and ease of use are two key benefits of Flint Group’s increased product offerings and recent reorganization.

Varn® Newsline 435, a low-VOC mild acid fountain solution, is a cost-effective fountain solution offering:

  • Low dosing needs
  • Wider operating window
  • Quicker restarts due to fast clean-up
  • Reduced paper waste
  • Reduced dampener maintenance

Varn® Newsline 355 is an economical neutral fountain solution designed for modern pressrooms. It is designed for spray dampening systems and offers:

  • Excellent non-piling package
  • Wetting system designed for higher press speeds
  • Flexibility for use with conventional or CTP plates with conventional or stochastic screens
  • Effective combination of biocides to prevent microbial growth

Norm Harbin, News Ink Business Director for Flint Group, highlights the on-press benefits: “Both of these products have been fine-tuned to optimize interaction - and resulting press performance - with popular ink formulations. By understanding composition and developing a ‘marriage’ of the fount and ink, press performance and consistency can be taken to the next level.”

Kevin Fennewald, Chemicals Business Director for Flint Group, notes that the time is right: “By adding these mild acid and neutral fountain solutions to our portfolio, Flint Group increases options for newspaper and other coldset printers at a time when choice is important and performance cannot be compromised.”

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