0910 Polartek

Reducing complexity and increasing performance for its customers: Flint Group launches new universal flexo laminating white “PolarTek” in North America

Flint Group North America Packaging has released its newest universal flexo white laminating ink, PolarTek. This new product is the result of Flint Group’s close work with its Flexible Packaging customer base. PolarTek is a white ink which can be used over many existing ink systems to deliver very high bond values with all laminating processes, as well as very low retained solvents. PolarTek can thus often replace several other white inks which may have been needed for the varied structures being printed.

“The white ink often makes the difference between poor bond performance and excellent performance in a laminated structure”, says Susan Kuchta, Vice President & General Manager of Flint Group’s North American Packaging business. She continues, “Our flexible packaging customers have often commented on the complexity of their operations and the constantly changing structures. We recognized that the industry needed products which have a wide operating window and could be used more universally across the many structures which are common to today’s press rooms. PolarTek fills that need and will reduce the number of white inks a printer will need, resulting in reduced inventory, working capital and less complexity within their operations.”

PolarTek has been beta tested in a number of printing environments and under a variety of conditions. “Its wide operating window makes it “press-friendly”, and customers reported increased opacity, lower doctor blade wear and very good cost of use”, commented Paul Lodewyck, Director Product Management of Flint Group’s Packaging and Narrow Web division. “White ink is sometimes overlooked for its impact on both graphic and performance. But, it is the white ink surface which is in contact with the adhesives as well as the white ink often makes up the majority of the ink used in the structure”, explains Paul Lodewyck. He continues, “A high performance white ink can deliver the consistency needed to build the confidence that the structure will meet both their requirements and the requirements of the end use packaging buyer.”

27 November 2009

For more information, contact:

Flint Group
Paul Lodewyck
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