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Flint Group and alesco are promoting environmentally-friendly approach in packaging

New water-based ink series Premo®Film SXS is addressing important needs seen in the packaging market.

With the introduction of the new ink series Premo®Film SXS, Flint Group demonstrates its commitment to support the production of sustainable packaging and helps minimizing carbon footprint. Premo®Film SXS is a water-based flexo ink series designed for surface printing on polyolefin films.

For alesco, a German producer of flexible film packaging, Premo®Film SXS provided an ideal solution for the production of their eco-friendly packaging.

“The protection of resources as well as the prevention, reduction and compensation of CO2 are the targets of the green strategy at alesco”, comments Philipp Depiereux, Managing Director alesco on the company’s environmental protection engagement. “We are, therefore, constantly re-thinking which materials to use and are challenging our suppliers to adhere to our high standards. In Flint Group, we have found an excellent ink supplier and managed to build a long-term partnership to achieve our goals.”

Already at Fachpack in Nuremberg and Drinktec in Munich last year, alesco demonstrated its range of eco-friendly film packaging solutions including water-based inks printed on bio films, compostable shopping bags as well as one of the first compostable shrink films made from renewable raw materials worldwide.

Flint Group developed Premo®Film SXS in order to meet the increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions built on a reduced carbon footprint. The ink series is based on a unique self cross-linking technology that enables the ink film to have very good adhesion to non absorbent substrates such as oPP and PE.

Adhesion characteristics with Premo®Film SXS are far better than with any conventional water-based ink. The product is suitable for surface printing of bags and wraps and its good adhesion makes it ideal for stringent end-use applications such as carrier and ice cube bags.

“All of the above mentioned properties will not provide any real benefit unless the printability is very good, and with Premo®Film SXS our customers are able to run a full combination of smooth vignettes, half tones as well as vivid full tone solid colours”, explains Ralf Nordhoff, Sales Manager Flint Group. “Premo®Film SXS thus perfectly adds to alesco’s concept of eco-friendly packaging solutions”, concludes Philipp Depiereux.

23 March 2010

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