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NEW: rotec® Hybrid Sleeve – high-tech as a cost-efficient alternative

Flint Group Flexographic Products to introduce thin-walled printing sleeves for the international market

In order to meet the ever increasing market demand for printing sleeves that deliver enhanced performance but at a reasonable price, Flint Group Flexographic Products has taken the decision to introduce manufacture of the rotec® Hybrid Sleeve at their plant at Ahaus, Germany, in addition to the current production in Arden, NC (USA).

Due to the extremely hard fibreglass composite surface, the rotec® Hybrid Sleeve demonstrates the highest resistance to solvents and inks and guarantees permanently low tolerances, which remain basically stable even under the influence of temperature and humidity. Therefore the thin-walled sleeves allow the printer to leave print jobs mounted - in addition the sleeves are also capable of dealing with special stress with almost no impact to the service life or the printing process.

Utilising state-of-the art technology, Flint Group Flexographic Products manufactures the rotec® Hybrid Sleeve to the very highest quality standards, while offering a favourable price. The rotec® Hybrid Sleeve, available in wall thicknesses from 1 mm to 2 mm for almost all print repeats and lengths, can be requested and ordered directly at Flint Group Flexographic Products’ Customer Service in Germany (+49 2561 9826 0).

17 May 2010

For more information, contact:

Flint Group
Inken Steinhauser
T +49 2561 9826 719

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